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How Long Have You Been in Business?

We are in this field from
Last 6 years.Technicians trained and experienced.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair?

Cost depends on what are issues with device.We will do testing first then give price to customer.Once customer confirms he is happy with price then we fix device.
Screen replacement starts from $50.

How I can get Quotation or Estimate of my device repair?

We always suggest customers to bring device in.Otherwise you can contact us on facebook page or send us email.

Do you cell Mobile Accessories or parts?

Yes,we do have good quality of accessories which are afforable .We have cases,bluetooth,protectors,selfie sticks,car or bicycle holders,charging cables ,Usb etc.

How you can help me to get my currupted data back?

We are Using specialized hardware-based recovery tools to recover data.

How much time you we take to repair my device?

Mostly issues are resolve on same day. Screen replacements done in 30-40 Minutes .

Is there any warranty available after repair?

You will get 3 months warranty on every repair. Any accident damage will not covered under warranty.

Can you pick up & drop my device after repair to my Home?

You have talk to us for pickups.We will arrange timming according to our schedule .

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