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Phone Repair

A phone is something we need every day, almost every time. When there are some issues and mobile phone repair is required, we are here at your service to get the issues solved within minutes or in 30 minutes. We repaired all sorts of phones like Android phones, iPhones as well as Huwaei and many more. Even we can fix all models and brands of tablets such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc.

Let it be related to screens, batteries, virus attack or any similar issue, our expert team is there to help you with any kind of problem.

Let our experts fix the following issues:

• Back Frame Repair
• Charging Port Repair
• Headphone Jack Repair
• Microphone Repair
• Battery Replacement
• Water Damage Repair

• Button & Switch Repair
• Glass Screen Repair
• LCD Repair
• Unlocking Services
• Camera Repair
• System Failure Repair

Computer Repair

We are specialize in Apple and Windows laptop repairing from broken parts to mainboard issues also liquid damage machines.

Whether it’s a nasty virus, a dead battery, a cracked screen, or an office with 100+ users, we can handle ALL your home and business computer needs. We LOVE to make old computers run faster than new. Don’t let another business tell you it’s time to replace it, or that you’re better off buying a new computer. While that certainly is the case sometimes, the vast majority of computers just need a little love. 

Not only we sort out hardware problems, but we also attend to those annoying “hard to fix” software issues too!

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Apple Laptop & i Mac Repair

Are you a die-hard Apple MAC owner? We know you love your MAC and we can help with all your Apple MAC repairs and service needs.

We fix all sorts of Apple Macintosh machines whether its broken screen, network issue, water damaged, touch pad issue or any major or minor hardware/software issue you may have, we can fix it for you. Common Services we do for Apple:

Typical Apple/Mac Problems

  • Operating System Not booting and picture of file showing on the screen.
  • Data Recovery from hard drive or MAC.
  • Spinning Beach-ball/Cursor.
  • CD/DVD stuck in drive or won’t read disks.
  • Hard drive is at full capacity and needing a larger drive upgrade and/or Solid State Hard “SSD” performance upgraded drive.
  • MAC running slow needing Memory Upgrade.
  • Forgotten Passwords.
  • Damaged Screen.
  • Damaged Trackpad and/or Keyboard.
  • Broken Power Button.
  • Liquid Spill/Water Damage.

Windows Laptop Repair


Technology can be frustrating when it’s not working correctly. If you require repairs to desktop or laptop computers, we’re just a call away – either your place or ours.

Common Computer Repairs Includes:

  • Broken laptop LCD screens
  • Liquid spills
  • Strange noises
  • Faulty power supplies
  • Hard drive failure
  • Spyware, malware & virus removal
  • Faulty connectivity
  • Out of date Anti-viruses
  • Lost data & data recovery
  • Mainboard repairs
  • Software problems
  • Start up problems

iPad/Tablet Repair

All Brands iPad / Tablet Repair

You get a fast and professional iPad/Tablet repair service at Infinity Repairs. There are tablet repair services provided to you. For fast repair, you can completely rely on us as we provide same day repairs with good quality services. It may be a shattered screen or the LCD damage or any battery issue, our trained technicians with a vast experience can do it all. (Mac Repair & Apple Repair)

Whether you have an IPAD, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung or Sony tablet, we provide repair for all these. . If your tablet or phone has been interrupted by any malfunction or damage, we can quickly fix it for you so that you can use it immediately and your work on tablet does not stop.

Phone Unlocking

We can unlock your phone whether it is pattern lock, Google lock, network lock.

A sim lock, network lock or subsidy lock is a built in feature implemented into GSM phones by network providers. Providers use these locks to restrict the use of your phone to their own network, regardless of the fact that the phone belongs to you. This lock restricts you from changing sim cards or chips.

You may want to change your network for a variety of reasons, for example:

To use an international sim card when roaming. This can save a great deal of money if you want to call locally or use data services while you are in a different country.  To change providers. If you aren’t happy with the service you are receiving or simply want a better deal, this lock stops you from changing your service.

To sell your phone. If you want to sell your phone, having it unlocked can increase the retails value significantly, a definitely positive for you!

Our advice? Unlock your phone today and gain the freedom that you and your phone deserve.

Data Recovery & Backup

Most folks tend to overlook or conveniently forget about the possibility of data loss! Nothing hurts more than dropping your phone (which happens to contain every single one of your wedding pictures) into the sink, or your computer suddenly crashing and losing YEARS worth of childhood pictures! We offer managed backup services for a very affordable price.

Tips to prevent further data loss

  • Stop using hard disk drive if there are clicking or grinding noises
  • Avoid auto repair utilities to fix data loss issues
  • Never restore a backup to the original system
  • Protect the original data as much as possible
  • Turn off the system but do not shut it down
  • Diagnose the problem without booting/starting the computer
  • Contact Infinity Repairs

iPod / MP3 Players Repair

Has your favorite music device stopped singing sweetly in your ear? You might need our MP3 player repair service.

  • Avoid auto repair utilities to fix iPod/MP3 Players issues
  • Never restore a backup to the original system
  • Protect the original data as much as possible
  • Turn off the system but do not shut it down
  • Diagnose the problem without booting/starting the MP3 Player
  • Contact Infinity Repairs

Website Design & Development

We design and develop the responsive and SEO friendly websites. Please contact for:

  • Dynamic E-Commerce Websites
  • Static Business Websites
  • SEO & Responsive websites.

I am very pleased to write a review of my experience with Infinity Repairs. They are very professional and fix my device very perfectly. Service is fast and affordable. I will highly recommend to all my friends. 

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